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10 Examples of EMDR Changing Lives

  1. The sexually abused child, now an adult, no longer feels guilt about their abuse. (Guilt sometimes felt because they “didn’t tell,” “they should have known better,” etc.)

  2. The adult assault victim no longer feels guilt and/or shame because they shouldn’t have been someplace, participated in something, or “should have known.”

  3. The adult survivor of physical abuse and/or emotional abuse no longer believes they aren’t loveable because they didn’t feel loved by a caregiver as a child.

  4. The adult survivor of physical abuse and/or emotional abuse now feels safe and able to trust others both in social and romantic relationships no longer burdened with thoughts of “it’s not safe to let others in” or “I’m not loveable.”

  5. Individuals ridiculed for their intellect as children, or humiliated in a job setting, now feel able to pursue career growth and life goals without former barriers of “I can’t, I’m not able, I’m stupid.”

  6. A gifted athlete is now able to perform consistent with his or her training because they have confidence in their talent and in themselves in all areas of their life. They no longer hear the message, “You’re not as good.”

  7. The person who has been in an accident, an assault, or any terroristic event no longer feels anxious in crowds, gatherings, or other public places.

  8. Individuals no longer respond immediately with anger as a way to control feeling “out of control” because of that experience in a past traumatic experience.

  9.  Individuals are able to trusts their mates after infidelity (emotional, physical, or financial) no longer believing their gut feelings of “I can’t trust him or her because they hurt me.”

  10.  Parents feel good about their parenting abilities in spite of their children’s seeming poor choices. Parents don’t focus on every misdeed they practiced as a parent but, instead see the width and breadth of good parenting strategies. They no longer see themselves only as “I failed as a parent,” or “I didn’t do enough.”

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